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Foreplay (2020) Hotshots Originals Hindi Online

Web SeriesForeplay (2020) Hotshots Originals,
Categories: Hindi Web Series,
Genres: Drama, Romance, Erotic,
Languages: Hindi,
Quality: 1080p, 720p, 480p,
Size: 400MB, 180MB, 70MB,
Released Date: 21 August 2020 (India),
Film Stars: Faiz,
Director: Akshita Agnihotri, Ayan Rajput, Geet Nikharge,
Storyline: A salaried professional Rohan returns from work one day and is sitting relaxed in house surfing his mobile, suddenly he receives a notification on his mobile which is from an online dating app, to kill the boredom Rohan logs in to the dating app and creates his profile. In some time he finds his match Sofia, both introduce themselves and soon they become good friends. Sofia gets very impressed with the way Rohan interacts on chat and they exchange their numbers. One fine day they both get intimately involved and perform websex. Rohan always asks Sofia to meet him however Sofia rejects for some reason or other, one fine day Rohan loses his patience and admits to Sofia that he wants to have a physical relationship with her. Sofia informs Rohan that she would like to end this friendship and disconnects her call, Rohan keeps trying Sofia’s number however it remains switched off, Rohan is getting crazy day by day and with lot of efforts he manages to get Sofia’s residence address. Rohan reaches Sofia’s home and meets her mother he insists on meeting Sofia. Watch Foreplay to find out what happens next when Rohan learns the reality behind Sofia’s sudden disappearance..



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